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Spirituele Bewustwording & Intuïtieve Ontwikkeling


Pieter Oost







Personal Counseling.


Every human should have a coach or counsellor in his life. Someone who thinks with you, is feeling with you and understands you and if necessary is not willing to spare you, in full honesty.


Someone, who is willing to help you, to disangle or cut down by rediscovering your inner strength. A personal guidance in your career, in major of minor conflicts, to overcome barriers, in short someone, who pushes you in a for you good direction.


Through communication, a sounding board, along with the search for the best path is often fun, you are and feel you less alone in the highly individualizing world in which we live.


No man, knows you better, than you yourself.


May be it’s time, for a renewel, refreshing encounter with your deepest self.


Getting acquainted perhaps on the treshold of your riche inner treasure, full of talent, full of character and personality.


The party of discovering new doors will be opened, so that your talents, personal valable attributes, your character wil grow and flourish agian. A counsellor or a personal coach can help, give support, give strenght, its is a very encouraging stabbing to work in gaining your confidence, your inner security, it activates and wil motivate you.


People often hear what they do in life is not well. It is very important to name a person what he or she does well. It is the foundation, the soil, the fertile field to sow and reep innovative succes in your personal life.


For a enlightening coaching / counseling interview you are also welcome. Spiritual or personal counseling is based on an hourly or project rate, always before an interview based on a consultation, in which most cases much will become clear.







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