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Spirituele Bewustwording & Intuïtieve Ontwikkeling



Endorphin Magnetism is a natural positive energy.
Tangible. Palpable. Powerful.










You instinctively know, who has it .
You know, because you can feel it
For a man, but also a woman.


It manifests itself in an immediate appeal,
independent and confident.

He or she has, whether he or she has not.

But if you have it, you know.

It's a simple fact in his or her life.


Endorphin Magnetism is the feeling and knowing

a consciously radiate of confidence, self esteem,
natural unaffected pure power


Endorphin Magnetism is you feel at ease with yourself
and able to attract others, unconsciously and without pretensions


Endorphin Magnetism has a positive charge or natural energy.


Pieter Oost ©  2000 / 2012 Endorphin Foundation




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