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Pieter Oost









Personal Counselor

Visionair -  Psychic


Personal Readings


What if there is a way to free yourself of emotional baggage in your life?


What if you could reinforce from negative beliefs, into a positive self image?


What if you could rewrite the past?


You can!

I can inspire you, unless you want it.


Working together in a transformation process, where problems or blockades addressed at the roots, will be solved and is the solution for a real and a everlasting change.


Working with the healing powers out off universal principles, ensures that in each session, new insights and a greater awareness wil be realized.


Working for those with physical and emotional conflicts, traumas, abuse, loss and confusion, seeking assistances to find inner peace and a way to find the higher purpose for life.


In the sessions, we identify blockages and disortions in the body and mind, creating wheater place and space, generations patterns, which are broken.


Sessions that help to create new opportunities and possibilities in your life to discover.


You will enjoy a greater convenience, more love, letting go and getting clarity, that gives you a direction in life, which reflects your experience in the world.


It is an experience and gives peace, when you get home, you actually feel free again, and can manifest with positive intentions.



Honest, respectful

Carefully, lovingly

Pure and with compassion


Endorphin with spirit and love


Love is all there is


In short

Pieter Oost



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