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Spiritual Counsellor & Personal Counseling

Visionary –  Psychic


Born with a strong intuition, the Sixth Sense, I do make contact with other worlds and therefore  I am a spiritual communication channel. So I receive the information that is important for the personal growth to those clients visiting me in that moment.


I will be a companion for them into the spiritual world and a coach to discover their own journey, with the their intuition as an important guide, unfolding their true nature as a result. I will teach them, and can make them aware of their own intuitive abilities and learn to trust those.


I teach them from out their hearth to feel, who they really are and can be, so they can free themselves from limiting ideas about themselves, so that they can learn about themselves and can impose that by teaching others.


I can help them to increase the understanding, that brings them back into their own personal strength and harmony into theirs live in the future.


My goal is to those who yearn for a inner change, to help them and the awareness that they will be trusting themselves again, and  to find them in touch again with who, they essentially are



Honest, respectful

Carefully, lovingly

Pure and with compassion


Endorphin with spirit and love


Love is all there is


In short

Pieter Oost












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Pieter Oost

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